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5,000 Miles Without Fumes

Tesla Model S

Driving Experience
So what’s it like driving a Model S? Obviously, a lot depends on what version of the Model S you have. We own the 85 khw battery, but not the performance package. Having previously driven a nimble stick shifted Z4, it took a little while to get used to steering a much larger, wider and heavier car. At times I may miss the feel of manually shifting, but it’s long forgotten when you press the accelerator and the seemingly boundless torque propels you forward. Car enthusiasts often debate the worth of the performance package and conclude that if you can afford it get it. However, I feel it’s a lot like shopping for stereo speakers. At the store minor differences between one high end speaker and another higher end one are magnified. However, either speaker usually sounds great when you bring it home. It’s the same between the 85 and 85P Model S. While in my Z4 there were times I wished there were more power, I’ve never felt a greater need for speed in the Model S. Since I don’t drag race my car the two factors of acceleration that matter to me are getting on the highway and passing. I can assure you stomping the accelerator catapults the Model S into traffic with confidence. Likewise passing at high speeds is accomplished with a commanding acceleration unmatched by most internal combustion cars.
While I was greatly concerned about visibility given the narrow rear window, there are virtually no blind spots. I was sure going from a small car with no back seat would take a huge adjustment, but I was wrong. The site lines of the Model S are very well thought out.

While not having physical buttons for a stereo and other car controls may seem strange, adapting to the 17” touch screen was intuitive and quick. I struggle in other cars with their archaic interfaces.

Buy a Tesla Model S. Be part of the solution! I am not drinking the juice, but I am a proud spokesperson. I was very critical in my evaluation and decision process in selecting a Model S, I am not sorry I did. Just be aware, you'll have to clean the nose prints off the outside of the windows. Lots of people get up close for a stare down.