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Welcome to my website/blog describing my journey ditching gas and switching to an electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S. My purpose in writing this is to help those that may experience the same indecision and questions I did by providing my story, clarifications of many misgivings regarding electric vehicles, and handy tips. By day my job is a teaching professor at Drexel University in Computer Science. By night, weekend, and spare minute I am a professional photographer, writer, and a race walking coach/promoter. As the weather improves I plan to take many amazing photos of our Model S and share them with you. In addition, feel free to check out my many other projects at www.JeffSalvage.com.

One Long Road Trip

While we’ve taken our Model S on many trips requiring a stop or two at a super charger, we’ve only road tripped with it requiring multiple charging stops a few times (Boston and Virginia). Both went smoothly. However, for this Christmas break, we planned an real road trip to the southern most point in the USA, Key West. Complicating the matter, we planned to stop and visit as much family as possible in route to photo shoots along the quirky beach town where Hemmingway liked to hang. (more...)

1 Year Down the Road

A year goes by pretty quickly. In the case where you own a Tesla Model S, it quick both figuratively and literally. Since I haven’t posted in a while, many of you are probably wondering are we still in bliss with the car Consumers Reports gave its highest rating ever? The answer is a resounding yes. (more...)


5,000 Miles Without Fumes

My hope was to write this article after hitting 1,000 miles, then 2,000 miles, then …, but time was short and the driving was fun so I am just now getting to a recap of my experiences now that I am an experienced Tesla Model S driver and proud to say enthusiast. My hope is to give you as unbiased an opinion of Tesla Model S ownership as possible, but any owner is going to be a little biased given the huge Tesla grin they wear all the time. (more...)

Ditching Gas - My Tesla Story

For countless reasons, at this point in my life, purchasing a Tesla Model S is the ideal car for my wife and I. Throughout my life I have always been a car guy. It’s one of the few traits my dad and I share in common, although we have a very different sense of what a quality car entails. While he prefers luxury and pinky power steering, I prefer the connected drive a German sports car provides. When I was younger, I drove a Porsche 968, Audi S4 and for the last ten years a BMW Z4. The 968 and S4 had too many issues to say they were purely positive experiences, but I loved my Z4. Sadly, after 10 years and 117,000 miles she was aging fast. Enter the dream of owning a Tesla Model S. (more...)

Horrible Second Week of Ownership

While I thoroughly enjoyed receiving my Tesla Model S and the first week I drove it, my experience during the second week was in stark contrast. While I blame it all on Elon Musk, it’s not what you think. Our Tesla Model S has ruined me. We cheated on her and went to Maui without her. Left in a cold garage, we were in the warm sun of Maui driving an internal combustion rental car. (more...)

Tips to Improve the Model S Experience

Maximizing Range

Once I felt comfortable with the basic operations of our Tesla Model S, my first concern focused on maximizing range. It wasn’t that I needed to push the car beyond the EPA’s 269 miles per charge range, but I wanted to know if I needed it, how to get it. (more...)

Regenerative Braking

In the much underrated movie Fletch Lives, Cleavon Little’s advice to Fletch is very fitting for Model S drivers. He said, “If you want to stop, you need to think ahead.” Regenerating battery power as you slow down doesn’t work the same was as many hybrid vehicles. Instead of pulling energy from the brakes, the Model S pulls energy into the battery when you release the accelerator. (more...)

Frunk - n - Bride

With any other car, I am pretty sure if you ask your bride, wife, or girl friend to get in the trunk, you are in big trouble. However, when you have a Tesla Model S, you have a unique opportunity to get away with it. That is, at least if you are involved in a wedding dress project like One Dress, One Woman, One World. While not our most elaborate shot to date, I couldn't resist photographing Jennifer getting out of the Tesla Model S' frunk. It was also a rare opportunity for me to get in the shot with a tuxedo. Sadly, it's not my original tux, it didn't survive the wedding trip.