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EV Tips

Over the next few weeks I will compile a list of tips for driving an EV vehicle. Here are a few aspects of driving EV's worth sharing. Check back often.

Maximizing Range

Once I felt comfortable with the basic operations of our Tesla Model S, my first concern focused on maximizing range. It wasn’t that I needed to push the car beyond the EPA’s 269 miles per charge range, but I wanted to know if I needed it, how to get it. (more...)

Regenerative Braking

In the much underrated movie Fletch Lives, Cleavon Little’s advice to Fletch is very fitting for Model S drivers. He said, “If you want to stop, you need to think ahead.” Regenerating battery power as you slow down doesn’t work the same was as many hybrid vehicles. Instead of pulling energy from the brakes, the Model S pulls energy into the battery when you release the accelerator. (more...)