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Tesla Blog - Ditching Gas - My Tesla Model S Story
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Tesla Stories

First Day Out

Having taken delivery on Monday afternoon, I certainly wasn’t going to let my Tesla Model S collect dust in the garage. I drove it to school the next day in the heart of Philadelphia. Of course this meant I had to decide if I would street park it as I had with the Z4 or park it in a lot/garage. ( more... )

NJ Inspection

One peculiar aspect of buying a car from the internet, with no dealership to interact with, is that technically you are buying a car from another state. In the case of a Tesla Model S, you are buying it from California. I picked up my Tesla Model S on a Monday and by Friday I had new tags, registration for 4 years, and new plates arrive at my door. Tesla exceeded my DMV expectations, handling everything as well as a local dealership would have. However, there was one pesky detail. I needed to get an inspection sticker for the car. (more...)

Horrible Second Week of Ownership

While I thoroughly enjoyed receiving my Tesla Model S and the first week I drove it, my experience during the second week was in stark contrast. While I blame it all on Elon Musk, it’s not what you think. Our Tesla Model S has ruined me. We cheated on her and went to Maui without her. Left in a cold garage, we were in the warm sun of Maui driving an internal combustion rental car. (more...)